Stainless steel furniture
for domestic kitchens and central islands





AGMA's proposal for stainless steel kitchens is aimed at steel lovers, motivated by the most different reasons: desire for hygiene, desire for aesthetics of commercial kitchens with domestic cooking elements, environmental sustainability, resistance to humidity.

We combined the robustness and construction projects of commercial kitchens with modularity and combinable features that belong to home kitchens. Expect your stainless steel furniture from AGMA exactly as you want it, both technically and aesthetically.

AGMA offers two types of construction:

  • DOMUS: construction where the sides and the back of the furniture can be installed on sight. Any kind of custom feature available
  • INFINITY: end side panels and aesthetic cover for back are needed. Only few custom features available.

Fronts of doors and drawers can be painted with epoxy powder according to the colors of RAL table.

Why choose AGMA?

  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Fast and reliable production times thanks to the industrial organization of AGMA, an ISO 900 and 14001certified company
  • Many variants available for specific needs
  • Identification and traceability of all the products supplied