stainless steel columns

Stainless steel columns

Our modular system replicates domestic modularity.

You can design in a traditional way and build in stainless steel, or integrate the systems.

Incredibly simple!

The modules are designed to be assembled with screws, without welding. Assembly does not require specific preparation.

The choice of appliances influences the furniture: always keep this in mind!

Standard dimensions:

  • Standard depth: 580 mm
  • Standard height of cabinets: 720 mm (6 modules of 120 mm each)
  • Standard width: 450, 600, 900 mm
  • Width of side panels: 19 mm 

Why choose Agma?

  • The technical project, managed parametrically, allows to easily create customized solutions
  • Fast and reliable production times thanks to the industrial organization of AGMA, an ISO 9001 and 14001certified company
  • Identification and traceability of all the products supplied