dismantled tall cabinet

Multi-purpose tall cabinet, disassembled

Ideal for temporary positioning and emergency situations:

  • It can be disassembled after use
  • Reusable cardboard packaging
  • Entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304: it does not fear the weather
Find out our innovations!
  • To cut shipping and storage costs, we reduced the volume of tall cabinet of 65%
  • Simple and intuitive assembly even for non-experts (watch tutorial now)
  • External dimensions: 1000 x 660 x 1950 mm (of which, feet h="150" mm)
  • Usable internal space: 920 x 620 x 1700 mm
  • Loading capacity of each shelf: 150 kg

Internal hygiene:

  • Precise couplings, without joints impossible to clean
  • Tall cabinet built according to standard for use in hospitals, industries and clean rooms


  • No sharp edges: all folds are flattened and rounded
  • If necessary, it can be fixed to the wall


  • Many cabinets can be used to form a wall
  • Front feet can be shared between cabinets, so that they are joined
  • The top of cabinet is flat, so that other cabinets can be placed above it

Hospital compatibility:

  • 3 sterilization containers L="300mm" per shelf

  • 2 ISO baskets 400 x 600 per shelf

Advantages with respect to traditional cabinets:

  • It can be assembled by one person (withour screwer) in 60 minutes
  • Sides and doors are pre-assembled
  • 65% reduction in packaged volume
  • Assembly tutorial available on the Internet
  • No components that can break
  • All allen screws, one kind of screw thread
  • It can be installed also in difficult conditions, since it can be transported disassembled and mounted on site
Construction details:


  • Double and sound-proof sides
  • Stainless steel hinges on 3mm thick bracket and pin
  • External bow handle
  • With lock and key
  • Hidden magnets for closure
  • Doors opening 190° degrees


  • Three internal reinforced shelves, one of which is fixed (the one on which the lock operates)
  • Shelves spaced 30 mm from the back to allow perfect cleaning


  • Divided into 2 elements


  • In nylon reinforced with glass, adjustable + / - 15 mm, on stainless steel frame 40 x 40 mm
  • Replaceable with wheels


  • With 62 M5 Allen screws and 16 M6 hexagon screws for the feet


  • Shipping package (pallet not included): dim 1900 x 700 x 400 mm, 0,53 mc, approximate weight 100 kg
  • Stackable reinforced cardboard packaging


  • Allen key
  • Inox screws


  • Stainless steel AISI 304 Scotch brite finishing, prevalent thichness 8/10
  • Inox screws and components
Why choose Agma?
  • The technical project, managed parametrically, allows to easily create customized solutions
  • Fast and reliable production times thanks to the industrial organization of AGMA, an ISO 9001 and 14001certified company
  • Identification and traceability of all the products supplied